Introducing The FIFA 20 New Gameplay Features

FIFA 20 has been released and gameplay has changed a lot, from defense to passing, from shooting to positioning, EA has changed every aspect of the game. This guide details the new features of FIFA 20 to help you fully understand the new gameplay and get a better experience. Browse here to see the details.

Authentic Game Flow

Authentic Game Flow gives AI-controlled players an increased understanding of time, space, and position on the pitch, placing more emphasis on user-controlled play through new Dynamic One-on-Ones, enhanced AI Defending, and Natural Player Motion.

Players will have more time to read situations and plan their next steps putting emphasis on more tactical defending, but at the same time, players will be more responsive and faster than before allowing for explosive runs and breakaways.

•  Dynamic One-on-Ones

More time and space. More emphasis on your actions on the ball. Change the course of the game in both defense and attack with increased control and more options in 1v1 situations during matches.

•  AI Defending

Win it back with better defensive support from AI-controlled players via an overhauled positioning and tackling system.

• Natural Player Motion

Experience more natural and realistic movement all over the pitch with innovations in player motion and positioning.

Decisive Moments

Enjoy more control over the Decisive Moments that determine the outcome of every match in FIFA 20. From Composed Finishing in the final third to Controlled Tackling at the back, along with new Strafe Dribbling and a Set Piece Refresh, you’ll have increased input in the key stages of each game.

Pick your target and time it right from the spot. Add curl, dip, or knuckle to free kicks. A new aiming mechanic gives you more creativity from dead balls.

•  Strafe Dribbling

Move with more agility. Lure the defender in. Beat them with speed or skill. New strafe dribbling adds new dimensions for attacking play in FIFA 20.

•  Controlled Tackling

Using the Active Touch System, user-controlled defending is advantaged and rewarded through a variety of new tackle animations. The cleaner the tackle, the higher the likelihood of retaining possession of the ball.

Take back possession with Active Touch Tackling and new animations that reward you for well-timed defensive play.

•  Set Piece Refresh

A system refresh gives deeper options for aiming direct free kicks and penalties and introduces more skill-based mechanics for ball-striking that are more rewarding than ever.

The new Free Kick System is divided into five aspects: Aim, Position, Power, Spin and Timing.

→ Aim: The first step was the new aiming mechanic.

→ Position: Instead of stepping slowly around the ball and moving to different start positions, pressing the Right-Stick to the left or right will now move the player between predefined positions (Wide, Normal, Straight).

→ Power: With shot elevation being determined by the aiming reticle, shot power now determines the shot trajectory.

→ Spin: After powering your shot, and during the run-up before contact, players can apply spin to the ball.

→ Timing: players can also use the Timed Finishing mechanic in the new Free Kick system, allowing you to attempt to press the button right at the moment of the contact of the shot.

Penalty Kicks have also been improved, using the same Aim, Power and Timing mechanics as Free Kicks. The big difference is that there is no adjustment to the starting position and no spin control on the Right-Stick. Players can continue to change the aim of the kick throughout the run-up, allowing for last-second adjustments.

• Composed Finishing

More clinical finishing when one-on-one, creating more clinical finishing close to the goal. More risk with volleys and long shots. Overhauled shooting creates more realism in front of goal in FIFA 20.

Ball Physics

The ball physics have been redesigned in FIFA 20. The new Ball Physics System elevates gameplay in FIFA 20 to a new level of realism, offering new shot trajectories, more realistic tackle interactions, and physics-driven behavior.

Bounces, curl, player control, ball movement all look a lot more realistic than it did in FIFA 19 certainly, hopefully, it’s consistent and not a randomized thing that can change throughout a match.

• Football Informed Motion

Realistic ball movement with more authentic spins and bounces creates a true-to-life match experience in FIFA 20.

• New Shot Trajectories

Curling shots. Dipping free kicks. Knuckleballs. First-time rising strikes. With the new ball motion system, a variety of realistic shot trajectories are unlocked, from technically dipping shots to knuckleballs, to swerved set-pieces and first-time rising shots.

Other Improvements

In addition to what was covered above, there are numerous other improvements made to FIFA 20 Gameplay. Here are a few of these improvements:

Goalkeeper Cross Intercept: Press △/Y + △/Y and hold, and the Goalkeeper will rush from the goal line to the penalty mark in order to intercept any incoming crosses.

Referees in play: Referees are now ‘permeable’ and should not collide with the ball or players, preventing them from influencing the play in any way.

Improved Blocks: Improvements to reduce the amount of missed blocks and added new animations.

Lofted Passes: New ‘dinked pass’ when pressing the pass (ground or through) button twice.

Ball Relative Switching: New Switching option when using the Right-Stick to switch.

Removed “No Touch Dribble”: Avoid conflicts with other mechanics and creates space for the new Set Up Touch.

Early Lock to Pass Receiver: New controller settings option for Passing to allow locking to a Receiver early vs late (default).

Kick-Off Emotions: Improved functionality and animations, players are able to perform an emotion during any Kick-Off. Each direction performs a specific emotion:

   ﹡ Angry towards Opponent = RS Up
   ﹡ Angry towards Team = RS Down
   ﹡ Happy towards Opponent = RS Left
   ﹡ Happy towards Team = RS Right

50/50 Tackles: Addressed issues with 50/50 tackles, especially with them being triggered in dribbling situations, giving an extra advantage to the dribbler when being tackled.

Pass Block Assistance: Turning off the “Pass Block Assistance” setting will now only affect the User Controlled player and not the AI-controlled players, to allow users more control for autoblocks.

New Skill Moves: Lateral Heel to Heel, Feint and Exit, Drag to Drag, and Flair Roulette are new skill moves. Heel Chop Turn and Drag Back Sombrero are new combo skills.

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